Strategic Doing for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

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You do not have to have any training in Strategic Doing to join our community. But, as you will see, mastering the skills and behaviors needed to develop robust ecosystems takes practice. Like any new discipline, formal training can help speed your learning.

We believe in the following Code of Doing. If you are willing to commit to these principles of doing and learning from each other, please join us.

1. We are collaborative, transparent, empathetic, and willing to learn and share knowledge.
2. We check our egos at the door. We practice infectious intelligence.
3. We exercise candor and discretion among ourselves and the people we serve. We foster and mandate safe spaces.
4. We are servant leaders and help each other and the people we serve.
5. We use diversity of all kinds to bring assets to each other and the people we serve.
6. We help the people we serve to cultivate, ideate, and even discard ideas.
7. We help the people we serve develop paths to excel.
8. We commit to dialogue regularly with people we serve with the understanding we do not interfere but act as coaches.
9. We leverage networks and systems to help the people we serve and use a systems thinking and doing approach to help the people we serve.
10. Our community is both strategic doing and strategic learning.